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The Novellas
(Titles with links indicate the Story can be purchased or read online. Publications with links provide more information about the publication.)

Kamehameha's Bones ASIMOV'S, September 1993 1
The Day the Dam Broke    Il giorno in cui si ruppe la diga 6  OMNI MAGAZINE ONLINE *

The Short Stories

The Snail Man STRANGE PLASMA, Issue #4
Wanting to Talk to You ASIMOV'S, January 1991
For a Future You AMAZING, Vol. LXVI, No.11 8
Daydots, Inc. INTERZONE, March 1992 3
The Parrot Man ASIMOV'S, March 1993
When The Grace Note of the Cities ChangedTOMORROW, Issue #3
The String F&SF, Summer 1995 9**
Shark Eye ASIMOV'S, December 1993
Revelation Station STRANGE PLASMA, #7
Whiteness STRANGE PLASMA, #6
Susannah's Snowbears BLUE MOTEL (Narrow Houses III) 4
Lullaby of Birdland DESTINATION UNKNOWN, White Wolf Press, January 1997
Sunflowers INTERZONE, Platt guest editor issue April 1995 * 2
Solitaire OMNI INTERNET FICTION DEBUT September 1996
The Butterfly Effect TOMBS, White Wolf Press, June 1995
The Bride of ElvisSCIENCE FICTION AGE, April 1996 5
Klein Time CENTURY #4
Advance Notice ASIMOV'S, March 1996
De l¹autre côté du pont (The Bridge), Détectives de l'Impossible J'ai lu ³ Millénaires May 2002 7
Angels and You Dogs SCI FI.COM, July 2003
Transfer ASPHODALE, February 2004
Dinosaur Songs ASIMOV'S, July 2004
Sundiver Day, THE STARRY RIFT anthology from Viking Press, 2008, edited by Jonathan Strahan11
Electric Rains, ECLIPSE ONE, Nightshade Books,  2007, edited by Jonathan Strahan
Memory Dog ASIMOV'S, April/May 2008 10
Creatures with Wings
ENGINEERING INFINITY, anthology from Solaris, 2010 edited by Jonathan Strahan
A Love Supreme, DISCOVER, October 2012 *12,13

Sport, ARC, Sptember 2013

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?,, February 2014

A Short History of the Twentieth Century, or, When You Wish Upon A Star, July 2014

Wilder Still, the Stars, REACH FOR INFINITY anthology from Solaris, 2014 edited by Jonathan Strahan

Girl in Wave; Wave in Girl anthology from HIEROGLYPH: STORIES AND VISIONS FOR A BETTER FUTURE 2014 edited by Kathryn Cramer

*Locus recommended stories
1996 Nebula Award Short Story Finalist
1  In German by Wolfgang Jeschke in DIE VERGANGENHEIT DER ZUKUNFT,
French translation in Galaxies
2  By ACE in NANOTECH  (isbn #0-441-00585-3), French translation in Galaxies (September 2002:  Galaxies n° 26), Japanese translation in Hayakawa's SF Magazine (May 2003)
3 In German by Wolfgang Jeschke in PARTNER FÜRS LEBEN
4 In French in Galaxies  (March 2002: Susannah et les Ours des neiges, Galaxies n° 24)
5 Harper Prism reprint of: The Bride of Elvis  Available in YEAR'S BEST SF 2,
Italian Translation by Roberto Marini as "La sposa di Elvis" in: as Le trappole dell'ignoto  Mondadori, June 1998,
2002 Hall of Fame Darrell Award Winner
6 Italian Translation courtesy of: IntercoM traduzione italiana, Danilo Santoni
7  French Translation.  Original English in ASIMOV'S, July 2007, YEAR'S BEST SF 13, 2007
Spanish Translation in Gigamesh (July 2003: Por tu futuro yo, Gigamesh nº 34)
9 Hebrew Translation in Mercury (December 2007)
Harper Collins reprint of: Memory Dog Available in YEAR'S BEST SF 14, 2009
11 Cicada Magazine reprint of: Sundiver Day (July 2013)
12 Light Speed (on line) reprint of A Love Supreme (April, 2013)
13 Tor reprint of: A Love Supreme Available in YEAR'S BEST SF 18, Decenber 2013




Short Story Collection

Angels and You Dogs

Angels and You Dogs limited editions from PS Publishing.

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