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Praise for This Shared Dream

A tough-minded, kind-hearted, fiercely intelligent novel.”

--Ursula K. Le Guin 

 Kathleen Ann Goonan’s THIS SHARED DREAM is a richly imagined tale of  gypsies and jazz, Nazis and nanotechnology, war and assassination and  the Summer of Love. As elegant and complicated as the ever-changing time streams that wind through it, THIS SHARED DREAM is a must-read in this or any world.

--Connie Willis

A wild ride through alternate histories. Brilliant.

--Jack McDevitt


What if you could travel through time to fix what is wrong with the world? The world would resist, and the very act of trying would create parallel worlds with their own problems. This wondrous book, the story of a handful of people who seek to alter the twentieth century to create a better future, acknowledges the inhumanity of war and yet celebrates the joys of music, art, friendship, and family. And it reminds us that the future is made by the children of the present. I loved this book, and I heartily recommend it.”

–Eileen Gunn   


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Kathleen Ann Goonan has been an invited speaker at Georgia Tech, The University of South Carolina, Rochester Institute of Technology, Idaho State and international literary festivals Kosmopolis (Barcelona) and Utopialis (Nantes).
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Kathleen Ann Goonan burst into prominence with QUEEN CITY JAZZ. "Spectacular," said Locus. "The most important debut novel I've seen this year." It was a finalist for the 1998 British Science Fiction Award. THE BONES OF TIME, her widely acclaimed second novel, became a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 2000. Her third novel MISSISSIPPI BLUES won immediate praise from Publisher's Weekly and made her "...a major voice in the field." CRESCENT CITY RHAPSODY, a Nebula finalist, according to Publisher's Weekly's starred review is "...as intellectually demanding yet emotionally satisfying as Duke Ellington's best..." In another starred review Publisher's Weekly says of  LIGHT MUSIC, also a Nebula finalist, "Exuberant... This classic novel of ideas, with state of the art technology as its subject, remains the work of a powerful imagination with a superior command of language."   Peter Straub writes "IN WAR TIMES is a novel of great historical reach -- from the Battle of the Bulge to the Kennedy assassination and beyond -- and profound ambition, expressed with an unmistakable ease of execution and a master's sureness of touch. Kathleen Goonan has come through to the kind of control that makes every startling fresh development, and this novel bristles with astonishing moments of development, seem inevitable. Not only does Goonan know that Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie changed the world, she understands that every vision of the future conceals a deep yearning for one's own specific past. That's real wisdom."

IN WAR TIMES wins the Campbell Award.

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